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Elena Anatolyevna Narukova.


Born in the Lipetsk region. At school she was actively engaged in skiing, repeatedly won the competitions.
Mother – Valentina Egorovna, worked all her life in the public catering system.
Father – Anatoly Aleksandrovich, dedicated his life to agriculture.
Arrived in Moscow at 15 years old, where she continued to study. Economist by education.
Since 1991 she has begun her commercial activities.
In 1998, one of the first business people who established a manufacturing network for the production of culinary products.
In 2007, according to the circumstances of life, she changed it radically. Immersed into the study of SPA-therapy. Studied with Dr. Bergel ( The international Institute of SPA-therapy, USA) in the best clinics of Europe and Asia.
Having gone a very hard way to transformation of herself, she has become a real expert in the sphere of beauty industry.
Elena Is the author of her own book «I got all myself.»
In 2012 became a laureate of BRAND AWARDS in the nomination «the Best beauty expert of the year» with its project – beauty clinic EL VILLA.
In 2013, becomes Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Business and entrepreneurship.


🔸business-woman; 🔸эксперт в области красоты и здоровья, дипломированный валеолог; 🔸авторские рецепты и кулинария; 🔸все о похудении (-52 кг)

Елена Нарукова
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