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In the world of beauty with Elena Narukova

 I very often has to think over the female logic and will agree with the opinion that a woman cannot understand. We can answer to the questions: Who are we?- The women. What we want?- ‘t know. When we want to?- Now! A woman’s mind is so sophisticated that choosing and subordinating some kind of purpose, a woman makes her whim: “Once I want – and will be!” And we can move mountains, despite the apparent weakness, and all this for the sake of his whim. Want to be happy, beautiful, slim. Believe in miracle and carefully wait for it! But, alas, no miracles. And to achieve the result of our desires, we must exert effort. Yes, the work of a hard work but very благодарный.Создавая clinic health and beauty EL VILLA , I always think about how to satisfy customers ‘ needs. After all, with such a huge selection of services offered and the abundance clinics, one must make his own special approach to the people always desire to return to the clinic EL VILLA. I very often go to different countries, I follow the novelties in the field of aesthetic medicine, get acquainted with the experience of foreign colleagues, attend international medical congresses. And every time learning a lot, because beauty is not in place. But my main Teacher and consultant in the field of medicine and beauty industry, for me, was a talented surgeon, a Professor with the world name – Sergey Nikolaevich Blokhin. He is also a companion of the clinic EL VILLA and helps me in solving medical problems. We have long been familiar, and I can say: ” Who, if not he can make a woman perfect and help get rid of complexes?” Who does not want to have perfect Breasts, which I had a dream, flat belly and a young face for many years? I have to thank Sergei Blokhin Rich experience, intelligence, professionalism, extract help him to do, sometimes impossible – possible!

I am sure that our cooperation will be very fruitful and with amazing results!


🔸business-woman; 🔸эксперт в области красоты и здоровья, дипломированный валеолог; 🔸авторские рецепты и кулинария; 🔸все о похудении (-52 кг)

Елена Нарукова
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