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Elena Narukova: Uncompromising Compromise

A journalist meets new people every day – that’s what we call profession-specific aspects. Certain interviews are just business, but some of them lay the foundation for a long-term relationship.

  Making the breakthrough

 I was quite surprised when my colleague – who is also a good friend of mine – asked me to interview Elena Narukova. I have already dealt with her writing an article about easy weight loss. I already knew her as a serious-minded business woman and society hostess. But I could not understand why she wanted me to be her interviewer again, if there are so many other outstanding journalists. My colleague kept insisting I should take the chance to work with Elena, because she absolutely loved my article and also because we have similar temperaments in her opinion. We will definitely get along swimmingly, she said.

 Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Right at the first meeting I realized – yes, we are on the same wavelength. The first impression was – she is a bundle of positive energy that makes the air around her vibrate. You just conform to the rhythm despite yourself and keep pace with her.

 Wasting no words

 I like people who speak to the point without waffling on. So when we first met, Elena got straight down to business and won me over from the first moment. Our visions of the article style were absolutely identical.

 High-precision easy-styled text with no cutesy, but full of energy and positivity – that’s how Elena defined the article style she preferred. Actually her natural personality traits are exactly the same – she always keeps to the subject, she is emotional, but not a drama queen. The way she makes conversation is quite hard-edged, but she never hurts her partner’s feelings. Elena gives a clear definition of what sort of article she would like to see at the end. Just like every goal-oriented person, she knows exactly what she wants keeping her eyes on the prize.

 Becoming a star without being big-headed

 There is no doubt, that Elena is a born leader – a very charismatic person with striking personality. However she never shows any signs of big-headedness. You know that – bitchy celebrities who show complete disregard for other people.

 Elena Narukova is quite different. Yes, she is a hard-nut. Yes, she is a very private person who always keeps the distance. But talking to her you never get the feeling like you come from different walks of life. All you feel is respect and admiration – no envy or distaste. She is a tender woman who can show strength and deep emotions without trying to smooth some ruffled feathers, but always giving a notice of her intentions.

Standing for principles

 We talked about many different things. Elena told me how she started her business, about her family – her ex-husband, her daughter and her adored granddaughter, she also shared some health and beauty secrets. Every new interview let me getting know Elena a bit more, like I discovered a new person every time I talked to her.

Now, as time has gone on, I can definitely say, that Elena is my “soul mate”. I love to work with her just as I love to have long conversations discussing various subjects from business to women-only things. She is a strong woman who is ready for a constructive dialogue seeking compromise, but will never sacrifice her principles. She is ready to give a hand, but will never wipe tears from the face of somebody who exerts no effort. Though Elena Narukova is a strong-minded leader, above all she is a Woman.

By Marina Fokina, candidate of Philological Sciences, “Woman’s Health” magazine columnist. 


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Елена Нарукова
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