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Elena Narukova: Uncompromising Compromise

A journalist meets new people every day – that’s what …

Shopping guide October 2013

Brilliant history

Woman’s health, August 2013

Вeautiful slimming

Tourism and Culture Industry, March 2013

The Foundation of happiness

Shopping Guide, March 2013

The perfect reflection

Moda topical, March 2013

The true beauty…

LIFE STYLE, December 2012

I learned to love myself and my life!

Shopping guide, December 2012

All that I dreamt of has come true

HELLO! No.52 (451), 2012

I hope only for myself

LADY TIME, December 2012

Moscow does not believe in tears

Forbes Woman, fall 2012

I achieved everything myself

Harper’s Bazaar, November 2012

Beauty by Clinica Ivo Pitanguy

CONFETTI Country, autumn 2012

Elena Narukova: Fall in love with life!

Psychologies Luxe, November 2012

The World of Beauty with Elena Narukova

Vogue, September 2012

Showing my personal example

Air Connections, fall 2012

El Villa – Clinic of world level

Vogue, September 2012

Special project “Beautiful victory”

ALLURE, October 2012

Rio de Janeiro

Air Connections, summer 2012

“For me, El Villa clinic is my pride.  It’s a …

Shopping Guide, May 2012

Bluebird of my dream…

Rabbit, April 2012

As now, I didn’t look even at the age of 20

Shopping guide, March  2012

Shopping guide, march 2012 г.

HELLO! No. 19 (418), 2012

Ups and downs and again up…

HELLO! No. 12 (412), 2012

When a woman wants something….

Hotels Parade, No. 1 (50), 2012

The path to the perfection…

Tourism and Culture Industry, No. 12, 2011

A journey to the country of beauty SPA & Сlinic El VILLA

HELLO! 51 (400) of 2011

Way to perfection.


🔸business-woman; 🔸эксперт в области красоты и здоровья, дипломированный валеолог; 🔸авторские рецепты и кулинария; 🔸все о похудении (-52 кг)

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